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  • Lessee is responsible for ALL of Lessee’s items on the day of Lessee's event, any items left at the end of the night will be disposed of. 

  • Any vendor / baker/ decorated items need to be collected by the end of the night.

  • Lessee is responsible for all of Lessee's vendors and any damages such vendors may cause to the Rental Property facility or grounds. 

  • Smoking and vaping are NOT ALLOWED anywhere indoors on the Rental Property.

  • Glitter is NOT ALLOWED

  • Confetti is allowed, BUT lessee is responsible to clean right after use or an additional $100 cleaning fee will be taken off your returned deposit. 


  • The lessee is responsible for ensuring all guests act in a responsible manner with regards to alcohol consumption. If an altercation happens then both parties will  be asked to leave the premises, and NOT be allowed back inside the building. 

  • Neither Hilltop nor its members, officers, directors, agents, or  employees allow or condone the serving or consumption of alcohol by minors (anyone under the legal age of 21), and any such serving or consumption shall constitute a direct violation of the terms of your contract. If a minors is caught drinking they will be asked to leave and NOT allowed back inside the building. 

  • Security is required at any event at which alcohol is served. (your expense)

  • Hilltop will serve and sell Alcohol. 

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